Tuesday, October 25, 2011

REVIEW ~ "Better than Chocolate"

Better Than ChocolateBetter Than Chocolate by Pat Amsden

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Genre: Adult romance
Source: Received from the author to review

Description from Goodreads: This is a sweet romance set in Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island. The heroine, Elena Tighe, has moved to Chemainus to make a new life for herself. An artist she's planning on opening up a coffee shop/gallery which will allow her to be independent while allowing her to pursue her passion. She wants no help from her family, well-meaning or otherwise. 

But her dad has other ideas. A billionaire real estate developer he's used to getting his way. Sure he's promised to stay out of it, but he never said he wouldn't send her a birthday present. He sends her his newest and brightest star, business consultant, Brad Phillips. Sparks fly. He may look a lot like Brad Pitt with brown eyes but when he tells her she'll be lucky to last six months unless she makes some changes she's ready to send him packing.

That's the last thing he wants. He thought he'd swagger in, share some of his expertise with her, and then when she's on the right track, head back to Vancouver, having wracked up major brownie points with her dad. Can Elena put aside her distrust long enough to profit from his advice and make the coffee shop/gallery the success she wants? Will Brad be able to keep Elena's business totally separate from anything to do with her dad? In short, will he turn out to be an even better present, than chocolate?

My thoughts: There is a lot of promise to this book. I couldn't grab the vision that Pat Amsden was trying to give me.

The book seemed choppy and I had a hard time visualizing the characters. It is a very short book and is great if you are looking for a light and quick read.

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