Friday, April 8, 2011

Review - "Flashes from the Other World"

Flashes from the Other WorldFlashes from the Other World by Julie Ann Weinstein

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Magic without the hocus pocus, these stories explore the ethereal blur between reality and not, between dream and sleep, between love and 'other than' love. They present relationships with a tender wackiness. Tossed into the mix are mischievous ghosts, who give the talking plants and even the seductive and vocal grains of sand a run for their money. Quirky and offbeat, these stories will touch your heart, although they may tug at your funny bone first. Description from GoodReads

This is an eclectic book of short stories. The stories are concise and well written. The ideas expressed were to the point and descriptive.   Flash short stories are new to me.  I have not explored this style of writing.  I found it to be interesting.  It is not my favorite.  But there is merit to this style.  I actually like to try different writing genres and styles.  I think it is good not to be stuck in the same genre all of the time.

I preferred the longer stories. I like to see plot and character development. I enjoyed "Tina Land" because of the friendship between the two girls and because it is one of her longer short stories. I think her stories on relationships were my favorite.  She has three topics with short stories that fall into the category.  The first part is paranormal, the second is relationships, and the final is surreal.

This is perfect for the times when you have a short period of time to read and want to get in a story or two.  As a caution, there is mature content in a few of the stories.

I received this book from the author to be reviewed.

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  1. Short stories seem to be becoming more popular these days.


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