Monday, December 6, 2010

REVIEWS -" Betrothed" and "The Christmas Apron"

I finished two books last night!  Ok, Ok, one was very short, but great things can come in small packages.  I should know I am 5 feet short.  :-)

The first book is "Betrothed" by Marti Talbott.  I downloaded this book on my kindle for $2.99.  A great deal.

Against her will, Lady Deora Medwin was betrothed to a powerful but disgusting man. She did not doubt her father loved her dearly, but how could he do such a thing? Deora saw only one option -- RUN!

He was the Highlander, Laird Justin MacGreagor, and when he received ‘the word’ in a message, he was perplexed as well as alarmed. It was a secret word known only to the MacGreagor lairds and the English kings, but the last king to have it was dead. Who had it now and why was Justin being summoned?
description from Amazon

"Betrothed" is a clean romance.  I found this author suggested by friends on Goodreads.  I was not disappointed.  Deora finds herself betrothed to three different men.  The irony is that she does not want to be married.    Her father spirits her away to a rendezvous with some Highlanders.  He is trying to protect his daughter from marriage to the first fiancee, who has already killed off two wives.  I gave this book 4 stars.

It's great when you can review a book of one of my personal friends, and like the book.  If I didn't like  it, I think I would pass on the review?  Maybe, I recently told Rachelle that I have a book blog.  That may be the secret, don't tell your author friends you review books if you don't like their work.

I was browsing through a bookstore last week, when I saw that Rachelle was doing a book signing in a couple of weeks with this book advertised.  I did not know at the time that she had another book out. Of course, I grabbed one for me and two to give away  on December 21 & 22 with the Midwinter's Eve hop.  I had Rachelle sign them, didn't wait for the bookstore's signing.

The Christmas Apron follows three generations in a family. It is set during the 1940's. A war is going on, and money is scarce. Millie is the main character and the book is set from her point of view. She overhears that there may not be Christmas gifts for her and her siblings. Despite this fact, she sees her family going about doing good for others and learns what the true spirit of Christmas is. Her grandmother has an heirloom apron, where the children place their Christmas wishes in the pockets. There is a special story behind the apron. A quick and delightful book to read every year to help you get into the Christmas spirit.
I gave it four stars.

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