Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bitsy Bling is having a historical reading challenge for 2011

I know, I am a nut.  I just post a huge bucket list and now I am taking on a new reading challenge.  At Bitsy Bling books, Charlie Courtland has put together a challenge where participants read at least 6 historical books that come from different sub genres.  I personally love historical fiction, so I am ready to take on the challenge.  Are you?  Head on over to Charlie's blog for details.

Bitsy Bling Books

I have added this to my left sidebar. Good luck with your many reading challenge endeavors for 2011.  I will put together my list and add it to this post as I  decide.  I wanted to get you thinking about your list.

Ok, it took me awhile, but I have come up with my list of books to read.

Historical Horror:
"The Cries of Vampira"

Historical Romance:
I am reading "My Enemy, My Beloved" but I am not sure it will qualify, so my second pick is "Morning for Dove"

"My Enemy, My Beloved" completed 1/27/11 by Karl Vanghen
"Rugged and Relentless" by Kelly Eileen Hake completed 3/2/11

Historical YA:
"Nine Days a Queen"

"Nine Days a Queen" by Ann Rinaldi completed 2/27/11

Historical Plantation:
"The Book of Night Women"

Historical Thriller:
" Pelegia and the Red Rooster"

Historical Mystery:
"The Mysterious Lady Law"

"The Mysterious Lady Law" by Robert Appleton completed 3/3/11
As I finish the books, I will list them under the category in red, with the date completed.

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  1. Very excited that you've decided to take on the challenge! I've signed up for many myself, but was missing the historical section, which is my favorite.


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