Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Book Review ~ Grace in the Mirror by Kristy Tate

Grace in the Mirror by Kristy TateGrace in the Mirror by Kristy Tate
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received eBook from eBooks for Review
Genre: YA Twisted Fairy Tale

Book Description:  Fairy tales can come true. But it’s terrifying when it happens to you 
Grace James thinks having to wear a hand-me-down uniform while trying to fit into her posh new school in glitzy Orange County is bad, but being followed to class by seven little angry men is worse. The dwarfs believe that Grace has stolen the magic mirror, and they want it back. 
Opponents become allies and soon Grace can’t tell who is friend or foe and what is real or merely a fairy tale, so she cooks up a scheme that will take her back home to Oregon where life made sense—away from her stingy grandparents and her miniature stalkers. But a frantic cast of fairy tale characters have plans of their own that may or may not include a happily ever after.

My thoughts: This is a cute book where the modern world and the fairy tale world collide. The characters from the fairy tales are trying to recover one of their items, the magic mirror.

The book had an interesting plot line. The situations that Grace found herself in with the fairy tale characters were amusing. The book flowed at a good pace, there were a few times where I found myself confused, I felt as if I were missing a plot point.

This is the first book and I would be very interested to see what comes next for Grace.

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Kristy TateAbout the Author: (Taken from Goodreads)  Dr. Seuss was my first love. When my mom left me in the children’s section of the library I’d find Horton and the Cat. My mom hated the good doctor and refused to checkout his books. He was my secret, guilty pleasure. Eventually, I read about Narnia, Oz and Green Gables.
When my mom grew too sick to visit the library, a friend brought her a stash of romances which she kept in a big box beside her bed. Weekly, this good friend replenished the box. My mom didn’t know I read her books; it was like the Seuss affair, only sexier. Reading became my escape from a horrific and scary situation. Immersed in a story, I didn’t have to think about the life and death drama taking place on the other side of my bedroom wall. Books were my hallucinogenic drug of choice. In college, I studied literature and fell in love with Elliot, Willa and too many others to mention. (This had no similarity to my dating life.)
I’m no longer a child living with a grieving father and a dying mother, nor am I the co-ed in search of something or someone real, nonfictional. I’m an adult blessed with an abundance of love. I love my Heavenly Father and His son, my husband and family, my dog, my friends, my neighbors, my writing group, the birds outside my window.
Because I’m a writer, I also love my characters. I adore their pluck, courage and mettle. I admire the way they face and overcome hardships. But, as in any romance, I sometimes I get angry with them and think that they are too stupid to live. At those times, I have to remind myself that they live only in my imagination, unless I share. Writing for me is all about sharing--giving back to the world that has so generously shared with me-- because I learned a long time ago that the world is full of life and death dramas. Sometimes we need a story to help us escape.
And we need as much love as we can find. That’s why I write romance.


  1. Someone was telling me about this book. It sounds like fun to me and that cover is too cute. Good one for a poolside read.

    1. I agree. The book leaves you on a bit of a cliffhanger. It will be fun to read the next one and see how Grace will deal with the fairy realm.


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