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Left Hanging by Cindy Dorminy

Left HangingLeft Hanging by Cindy Dorminy
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: Received eBook from Red Adept publishing to review
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description:  As a nurse and single mom, Darla Battle hides her loneliness behind a smile. But when she discovers that the new cute doctor everyone is talking about is her daughter’s father, she knows she needs to keep her distance from the man who abandoned her and their child, Stella.

When Theo Edwards returns to Nashville to finish his medical training, he never expects to run into Darla, a girl he spent one night with seven years ago. For reasons he can’t fathom, her attitude toward him is frosty, but he still hopes to ignite the spark they once felt.

Once Darla realizes Theo doesn’t know he’s Stella’s father, she has no idea how to tell him the truth. And the longer she waits, the more difficult it becomes. When the situation spins out of control, can the two come together for the sake of their daughter? Or is forgiveness out of reach?

My thoughts: This was a book that was full of emotions. It is a romance that tackles some very real"ish" points of life. Darla is a single mother who has an amazing daughter. She has worked hard to give her daughter every opportunity and all the love she can give. The one thing she hasn't been able to give her is her father.

That is the part where it becomes complicated. What should have been the start of a beautiful relationship turns into a one night stand when there an emergency that pulls the two apart. It really was a tragic part of the story, if the two had shared their real names from the beginning they would have been a family seven years earlier.

Theo's ex-girlfriend is a huge cause for drama. Some people just can't/won't let go. How Theo handles the situation isn't a huge point for him, but I could see his justification and frustration. You just have to read it to find out how it goes, because, well, i'ts complicated.

There are moments that are so sweet and lovely that I wanted for it to be roses and chocolate moments for them. But the two lack communication skills. Really, I just wanted to throw something at them, because they were messing everything up. Honesty is always good in relationships.d

I loved the medical situations in the book.  I found them fascinating.  Theo is a pediatrician, who happens to be diabetic.  Darla is a nurse.  There is also several other medical emergencies described.  It was great and believable.

The book has fade to black moments. The kissing is pretty intense and you know of what happened between the two of them, more as a memory of their past. It has some language. I would recommend this book to older (not young teens) romance readers.

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