Friday, August 15, 2014

Blog Tour ~ "One Dirty Bowl" by Christina Dymock

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Quick desserts and even quicker clean up mean more time with your family and friends, and less time in the kitchen. With One Dirty Bowl, whip up show-stopping desserts like Hazelnut Puffs, Peanut Butter Truffle Bars, and White Chocolate and Strawberry Cupcakes, all while dirtying just one bowl. Grab your bowl and get ready to bake!

My thoughts:  YUM!  This book has a variety of goodies that will please someone/anyone in your house.

I love to have a go to book for deserts.  (Yes, I admit to having a massive sweet-tooth.)   One thing that I appreciate about this book is that I don't have to have several bowls dirty after the desert is finished.  I love having homemade goodies for my family, but I really hate clean up!

I haven't tried the Roll-Over Cookie bites, but that is next on my list.  Cookies made in small muffin tins with Rolo candies.  The description says that the outside of the cookies are crunchy but the insides are soft. That sounds like heaven in a cookie to me.  

Below is the introduction to the Small and Scrumptios recipes section.  (The cookie-bottom individual cheescakes are my favorite - picture on bottom right of cover)
Whether it’s petits fours,
cookies, candy pieces,
or mini cupcakes,
small desserts are all the rage.
After a satisfying meal, it’s nice
to have a little taste of something
sweet; it’s like putting on just the
right necklace to complement an
outfit. When you make smallersized
treats, it’s possible to sample
one of each without feeling as
though you’re wasting good food.
Keep this in mind if you’re serving
a crowd since people are likely to
sample everything.
Just because these desserts look
delicate and there are a lot of them
doesn’t mean they have to take a
lot of time. These sweet treats are
easy to put together and are sure
to satisfy.

About the Author: Christina Dymock graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Public Relations. She has been published in Woman’s World Magazine and several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and she is the author of 101 Things to do With Popcorn. She resides in Central Utah with her husband and four children. You can follow their cooking adventures at

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  1. I think I'm going to check out this book. It looks fabulous! And that's not just because I'm on a diet...
    I hate, hate, hate the messy kitchen after baking!


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