Friday, October 23, 2020

Eve's Warriors and the Three Nephites by Curt Burnett & Alisha Burnett Worthington ~ Book Spotlight #giveaway

 Father and daughter writing team, Curt and Alisha Burnett, recently released

their newest work – a novel entitled “Eve’s Warriors.” The new work is available as an e-book,
audio book or print version at Described by the authors as a Twilight-
like love story, the plot focuses on a young, mortal woman falling in love with an ageless,
immortal man – in this case one of the three Nephites from the Book of Mormon to whom
Christ granted immortality.

“This book was written not only to tell an entertaining and uplifting love story, but more than
anything to help women understand their strength and power as daughters of Eve, what I call
their ‘Eve-ness’,” said co-author Curt Burnett. “As a daughter of Eve, every woman has the
potential for greatness and plays an active role in the battle against Satan and his influence.”
To promote the new book, the authors are providing the first chapter of the e-book at no
charge. Proceeds from purchases of the whole book will be donated to research for the fight
against glioblastoma – a rare brain cancer. Mr. Burnett’s wife passed away after a battle against
glioblastoma in December 2019.

“Throughout the novel, readers will be introduced to women of faith from throughout history,
including Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and Harriet Tubman,” said Alisha Burnett-
Worthington, co-author of “Eve’s Warriors.” “Each of these incredible women attributed their
great achievements to the being inspired by God, and I truly believe that every woman can
receive that same inspiration.”

"Eve's Warriors & The Three Nephites" is an "immortal" love story that pays homage to the great "Twilight" books that recounted a young woman's encounters with vampires. Only this time, the heroines are a contemporary New York teenager and Roman-era country girl. They both receive visions -- 1,500 years apart -- from Mother Eve, calling them to become her "warriors" in battling Satan. They also meet and fall in love with beings who millions of Christians/LDS believe are real immortals and have walked the earth for 2,000 years.

"Eve's Warriors & The Three Nephites" is a work of historical fiction and a great story, but it also showcases actual women of faith -- Mother Eve's daughters -- over the millennia. From the "Author's Notes" "Christian/LDS women often lament the perceived lack of spiritual heroes compared with the multitude of male icons like Ruth, Rachel and the Marys. But there are many great women over the years who attributed their accomplishments to divine inspiration; they are spiritual heroes in their own right. We won't list them here because part of the fun of reading "Eve's Warriors" is discovering the spiritual side of legendary women, which usually isn't discussed in secular accounts. Their interactions with fictional characters in this book are, by definition, fictitious. However they all prayed for and acknowledged receiving divine help. There interactions are our way of illustrating the varied ways God might have assisted them. We have tried not to take away from the real courage, initiative and faith shown by these remarkable women. This holds true for non-Biblical men of faith encountered in these pages, real and imagined, three of whom -- The Three Nephites -- are quasi-immortals walking the earth along with John the Revelator.

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