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The Perfect Plan by Carina Taylor

The Perfect Plan (Only In Colter #1)The Perfect Plan by Carina Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Description The girl...

Libby's life is going according to plan. She has one free summer before she starts her new job, which means she has time to do a favor for her best friend, Evan.

The favor...

Libby agrees to keep an eye on Evan's grandma until he can find a permanent companion for her. How hard could it be?
But this particular grandma is determined to commit the perfect murder.

The match...

While Evan and Libby spend the summer protecting the world from Grandma Marcie's murderous plans, they find themselves blurring the fine line of friendship — and there's no going back.

My thoughts:  favorite part of this book was Evan's grandma. She is a hoot! She keeps the younger generation on their toes and they really have a hard time keeping up with her. I will never be able to look at an Emu the same way again. (A comical part of the book.)

This book has a sweet romance. Libby and Evan have a great friendship. The problem that they face is the possibility of it becoming a romantic relationship. They have been "friend-zoned" for so long that they are afraid of messing up their relationship. It takes a smart grandma to stir the pot and get things going.

This is a very cute book that is full of humor and a little bit of romance.

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Carina TaylorAbout the Author:  (Taken from Amazon)  Carina Taylor writes sweet and sassy romance that makes you laugh, complete with relatable characters who are usually up to some type of mischief.

When she's not writing, you can find Carina and her three young boys chasing way too many animals around the ranch.
Other talents she has: ignoring her laundry pile, pretending to work out, drinking large amounts of coffee, and dreaming up the next story.

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