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Springback by Jana Miller

Springback (Ring of Time, #1)Springback by Jana Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source:  Kindle Unlimited
Genre:  YA Fantasy

Book Description: Ever since discovering her ability to rewind time seven years ago, Chloe has been reaching—for a worthy use of her ability, for redemption from her past, and for the kind of validation she’ll never find as long as she has to keep this secret.

By the time she’s sixteen, Chloe has decided that rewinding is not a gift at all, but punishment for her part in the tragedy that has shaped her life for so many years. When she discovers others who possess the same ability, she has no idea whether she can trust them--or the information they offer about her own history.

Secrets of the past combine with and rivalries of the present to set off a series of painful events and impossible discoveries, and soon Chloe finds herself in a race to piece together a puzzle of ancient relics, family feuds, and strands of time as she seeks to defuse the threat to her family, her powers, and the fabric of time itself.

My thoughts:  This book has a very interesting concept. What if you could rewind time? Should you? Chloe finds herself in this dilemma after a tragic accident awakens her ability to rewind time.

For many years, Chloe believed that she was the only one with this ability. That changed when she and a senior named Jake wrote stories that were very similar. Chloe learned that she was not alone and that others could access the golden strands that makeup time. It is a fascinating thing to think about.

This book takes Chloe, Jake, and Leah on a fact-finding mission to stop someone from altering time altogether. This is a mystery that is solved like a puzzle when the pieces match up, they know they are on the right track.

My only question is how this will become a series? I felt like it wrapped up really well. It will be interesting to see where Jana Miller takes this next.

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Jana  MillerAbout the Author My six siblings and I were raised by artistic parents in mountain towns, and after surviving thirteen years in the Valley of the Sun, I now live in Colorado (my dream come true!) with my fun-loving husband and our five weird kids! I’m a work-from-home mom, editor, and now author. Until this year, writing a novel has always been in my top three “pie in the sky” dreams—along with running a marathon and being in a Broadway musical, which I don’t actually expect to ever happen.
I love art, decorating, chocolate, theater, words, trees, photography, and the ocean. Occasionally I make music videos with my sisters or my kids, but most of the time I can be found cleaning my house (or avoiding cleaning it), driving kids around, or watching The Great British Baking Show and then baking brownies.

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