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Accidental Family by Lisa Bingham

Accidental Family (The Bachelors of Aspen Valley)Accidental Family by Lisa Bingham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Reqeuested review copy from Netgalley
Genre: Christian/Historical Fiction Romance/Suspense

Book Description:  Make-Believe Marriage

When newborn twins are dropped on Charles Wanlass’s doorstep—along with a note begging him to protect them—he knows he needs help to give them a proper home. The only solution: entering a marriage of convenience with mail-order bride Willow Granger. But soon the handsome pastor longs for their make-believe family to become real…

Willow will do whatever it takes to keep her missing friend’s babies safe. She’s drawn to Charles’s steadfast caring and honesty, but she’s sure she doesn’t have the proper background or courage to ever be a worthy wife or mother. But as danger closes in, she and Charles will risk everything to face down their fears—and turn their temporary home into a lifetime of love.

My thoughts: This book was a great blend of genres. It has romance, mystery, historical fiction, and suspense. It is set in a small mining town that has been closed off from the rest of the world because of an avalanche. The group is small, complex, and very interesting. This book is the second book in a series, the intricacies of the group are probably introduced more in the first book, but I didn't have a hard time picking up the story and understanding what was happening. I did not read the first. (But plan to sometime in the future.)

The two babies in the story couldn't have been more fortunate in the adults who are determined to care for them. The beginning of their little family is awkward, but Charles and Willow are amazing people, who put the needs of others before themselves. The development and progression of their family is wonderful, and I enjoyed reading about their journey.

The mother of the twins was murdered. Not only have Charles and Willow vowed to protect the babies , but to figure out who killed her. The babies are in danger as long as the killer is on the loose. They compile a suspect list, there were times when I was pretty sure that I knew "who done it" and others where I was kept guessing.

This book has talk of infidelity, chaste kisses, and non-graphic violence. Charles is the Pastor of the community, so there is a little religion in the book. I would consider it a clean read.

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About the Author: (Taken from Goodreads)  Lisa Bingham was thirteen when she decided she wanted to be a published author, and she reached that goal less than ten years later. Now Lisa is the bestselling author of more than thirty historical and contemporary romantic fiction novels. Lisa has also been a teacher and a professional theatrical and historical reenactment costume designer—she’s considered an expert in those fields. She has been lucky enough to live and study in such exotic locales as Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Currently she lives in rural northern Utah near her husband’s fourth-generation family farm. She is married to her sweetheart of twenty-two years and has three beautiful children, an over-protective dog, a burr-laden cat, and a miniature goat who thinks she’s a puppy.

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