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Book Review ~ The Darkest Summer by Rebecca J Greenwood

The Darkest SummerThe Darkest Summer by Rebecca J. Greenwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received from publisher to review.
Genre: Regency Romance

Book Description:  Lady Cora Winfield's life has always gone according to plan--her mother's plan. That's why Cora is so fascinated when she meets the dark Duke of Blackdell. Knowing his dangerous reputation, Cora's mother flatly forbids the match, and the duke decides to take matters into his own hands. Kidnapped and facing a scandal, Lady Cora must now decide whether love will be her downfall or the beginning of a new plan, one she never dreamed possible.

Set in the stormy summer of 1816, this Regency romance is a retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone.

My thoughts: What a fun book! This book has adventure, danger, a kidnapping, and romance. There are many things to keep the attention and interest of the reader.

"The Darkest Summer" takes place in the regency era, but is not your typical regency romance. Adam Douglas, the Duke of Blackwell, is known as the Black Duke. I thought it was a play on his name, but there is more that could be considered in the name. He is brooding, good looking, dark brown hair, and keeps himself apart from society. His family also has a dark past. In spite of the characteristics ascribed to him, he is a good guy, that I couldn't help but like. He has had much to overcome and Cora Winfield just may be the woman to help him through his struggles.

What can you say about Cora? Only wonderful things. She is not your typical Lady. She wants to dig her hands in the dirt and care for plants. They are her passion. She cares for a plant throughout most of the book., It should have been discarded and left behind, but Cora is not that kind of a caregiver. She put everything she had into the plant, and in-spite of it's trials, it survived. That is the way that I view Cora and Adam. They have both had some trials, an abusive father and an over-controlling mother, yet they are good people who persevere and bloom.

There is a side romance going on at the same time as Cora and Adam's. It is a fun book with a few detours and unexpected bumps. It's clean with some references to past scandalous behavior of some of the characters. There is sweetly described kissing.

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Rebecca J.  GreenwoodAbout the Author Rebecca J. Greenwood is an author, artist, and designer with a love of stories, especially Regency romances. She grew up in Texas as the oldest of six, and studied visual art with a music minor at Brigham Young University. Rebecca lives in Utah with her husband, where she listens to audiobooks, cooks experimentally, has an interest in alternative health, and constantly has a new project in mind. Visit to experience more of her art,
writing, and upcoming projects.

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I also had the pleasure of reading the introductory novella to this book.  Here is my review!

The Darkest Hour by Rebecca J. Greenwood
The Darkest Hour (The Darkest Season, #0.5)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Description:  When dutiful Lady Hester Douglas, over thirty and long on the shelf, receives word that her brother Adam, the Duke of Blackdale, has survived the Battle of Waterloo, she abandons propriety and heads to Brussels to be by his side. Her widowed minister, Mr. Alasdair Gilchrist, escorts her on the journey from Scotland into a Europe recovering from years of war.

Once she reaches her injured brother, Hester must fight to keep Adam alive and tightly guard her heart’s deepest secret—she’s been in love with Mr. Gilchrist for years.

Will the pain of being with the minister, the man she loves and can never have, distract her from her purpose? Or will she overcome the barriers of age, rank, and station, and seize the love she’s dreamt of?

The Darkest Hour is a standalone inspirational Regency romance novella, and is also a prequel to The Darkest Summer.

My thoughts:This is an introduction to a full length novel, The Darkest Summer. I enjoyed this short and revelatory novella. The dynamics of the Douglas family are introduced and it is a life filled with pain and abuse.

I loved Lady Hester. In spite of the horrible circumstances she was raised in, she is a woman of honor and compassion. She is also not one to be lured by the trappings of title an wealth.

Alasdair Gilchrist, the widowed minister that Hester has grown to love, is also a man of compassion and integrity. Somehow he must overcome the difference in their social standing to be with the woman he has grown to care for.

I loved that this was short and sweet and carried a lot of information in it. It is not necessary to read this before "The Darkest Summer", but it gives a background that helps the reader understand the nature of of the Douglas family and what they have had to overcome.

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