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The Soul of a Lady by Wanda Luce

The Soul of a LadyThe Soul of a Lady by Wanda Luce
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: Library
Genre: Regency Romance

Book Description:  At twenty-six, Lydia Hathaway has endured years of heartbreak, longing for a love that's never come. Her deceased father's foolhardiness has left her family bankrupt, and she is eventually left no alternative but to take a position as a companion to Susan Ashcroft of Danbury Park in Surrey. Anxious for peace, Lydia rambles early one morning across the muddy wilds of the Ashcroft estate, where she has a most unimaginable encounter with Connor Parkhurst, the notorious viscount of Denton. 

As their paths continue to cross, Lydia falls ever deeper in love with the charming rogue while battling against his growing assault on her heart. In spite of his forward attentions, she considers his behavior toward her nothing less than idle flirtation. Tormented in a relentless battle to suppress a love she cannot overcome, Lydia resolves to leave the Ashcrofts and Danbury Park forever. After all, she is nothing to Lord Denton—isn't she?

My thoughts: This was a good book. I didn't connect with the stories or characters, so I am giving it 3.5 stars. It was well written and had a good story line.

The book is set during the Regency period. Lydia is a young women whose circumstances have been reduced. Without a fortune she has been employed as a companion to a spoiled young woman. She is a woman of grace and wisdom.

Lord Denton is a man who has a fortune, but is tired of treasure seeking young women vying for his attention. Lydia is a breath of fresh air for him. She seems to not be effected by his wealth, but he can't fully give his heart until he knows her true character.

I believe that this is a book that can be enjoyed by lovers of the Regency genre. It is clean with conversation of people's indiscretions, but only contains a little kissing.

Source: I borrowed this book from my local library as part of a summer challenge.

Note: The original title for this book was Lydia.

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  1. It's so disheartening when your brain knows that the book is decent, but you still can't connect with the characters. I hope your next read is better!


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