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Breach of Trust by Kathi Oram Peterson ( Blog Tour with Giveaway)

Breach of Trust by Kathi Oram PetersonBreach of Trust by Kathi Oram Peterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Source: Received from publisher to review
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Description:  Lieutenant Commander Cooper Lane has so much to live for. With a loving husband and beautiful baby girl waiting for her back home, she is anxious to finish her mission in Afghanistan and return to her family. But in a split second, her world shatters. Her helicopter is going down in that hostile country, and there will be no survivors. Four Years Later . . . On a covert mission in an Afghan village, Navy SEAL Axe Talbot finds something no one ever expected: Lieutenant Cooper Lane—alive. Cooper survived the crash that killed her team and has been hiding behind enemy lines for four years. It’s the woman he’s been looking for and dreaming about for so long. After her rescue, Cooper is not sure she can survive the reality waiting for her back home—when she disappeared and was pronounced dead, her husband married her best friend. Cooper is lost, but her troubles are just beginning. In one horror-filled moment, her former husband is murdered before her eyes, and Cooper becomes the prime suspect. Now she must embark on one last mission to clear her name. And there are only two people she trusts to help her: her father and Axe, the SEAL who rescued her. Cooper and Axe take off, and together the makeshift team uncovers a trail of mysterious deaths that leads to unimaginable danger

My thoughtsBreach of Trust is the third book of Kathi Oram Peterson's that I have read and I have enjoyed every one of them. She does a fantastic job of laying out the story and providing plausible suspense.

This book is about Cooper Lane, her helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan and she spent four years behind enemy lines. She left a husband and baby behind. She never considered the possiblitly that when she was rescued that he would be married to someone else. Now, her husband has been murdered and she is the prime suspect. The Navy SEAL who rescued her from Afghanistan is now back to help rescue her from a murder charge.

From the beginning of the book there is action. I loved seeing the emotional side of the story that was shared between Copper and Axe while on the run. There was a lot of emotion in this book. Copper is suffering from PTSD. She has flashbacks whenever key words are mentioned. Her story is brought to light piece by piece. The relevant facts are revealed when I appreciated them the most.

This is a great suspense story with a some romance. I was wondering up until the bad guys were. The book has references to religion, but I didn't find it to be preachy, just a straight foward part of the story. There is violence and kissing.

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About the Author:  (Taken from her WEBSITE)  I grew up in a small town in SE Idaho. I love my hometown where the drug store still has a soda fountain and where people wave hello to strangers. I’ve worked on my writing for years. Along the way I won a few contests, earned my BA in English, worked for a curriculum publisher, and finally started selling my books. I’m very humbled to see my manuscripts turn into actual novels.

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