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From Cairo, With Love by Nancy Campbell Allen

From Cairo, With Love (Timeless Romance Single Book 1)From Cairo, With Love by Nancy Campbell Allen
My rating: 4 .5 of 5 stars
Source: Received eBook to Review
Genre: Historical Romance Novella

Book Description:  From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling & #1 Amazon bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series in Clean & Wholesome Romance, comes the Timeless Romance Singles line. 

FROM CAIRO, WITH LOVE: A brand new historical romance novella from bestselling author Nancy Campbell Allen. 

Valentine Baker longs for adventure, so when the opportunity comes to travel to Venice and be a companion for the unconventional Contessa, she takes it--but they don’t stay in Venice long. Valentine finds herself on a ship bound for Cairo so the Contessa can hunt down a thief at one of her archaeological digs there. Before they ever get close to the coast of Egypt, however, the ship is threatened by a violent storm and someone has an ulterior motive for sticking close to the Contessa and her traveling companions.

Mr. Maxwell is assigned to protect the Contessa and the charming Valentine. He tries to keep his distance, but her warm nature and easy laugh draw him in. He soon comes to cherish their time together, until someone attempts to drug him, and the aftermath reveals serious consequences for Valentine. He’ll do anything to keep her safe and her reputation intact, yet with treachery on board and his heart at stake, Mr. Maxwell must make a choice that will change his life forever. Can he win the woman of his dreams or will whoever wants to hurt them get close enough to take away his one chance for love? 

My thoughts: The majority of this wonderful romance takes place on a voyage from Italy to Cairo. Valentine Baker is a young English woman who is almost old enough to be considered a spinster. She has been taken care of by family and is excited to begin an adventure. She is fortunate to accompany an Italian Contessa to Cairo. Right from the start you get a feeling how this book will continue, the Contessa is not your average matriarch. She is witty and has a fantastic sense of humor. She lets Valentine enjoy herself and encourages her to socialize, rather than be at the service of an older woman.

The romantic interest is Max. He is an Englishman who has earned his money in an unconventional way. He is a pugilist (boxer) who owns his own boxing gym's. Max and Valentine are attracted to each other from the beginning but neither feel as if the other could possibly be interested in them.

Sea voyages have a way of bringing people together. I absolutely adored the way that Nancy Campbell Allen was able to craft a book full of humor, excitement, mystery, and unexpected circumstances. The way she brings the two of them together is creative and full of humorous errors. It left me smirking and chuckling!

This is a sweet novella that is perfect for historical romance lovers. It is clean with some kissing, innuendo, and fade to black scenes.

P,S,   I LOVE the cover.  There are 108 pages making it a quick read.

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Nancy Campbell AllenAbout the Author: (Taken from Deseret Book)  Nancy Campbell Allen (N.C. Allen) is the author of twelve published novels, which span genres from contemporary romantic suspense to historical fiction. In 2005 , her work won the Utah Best of State award. She has presented at numerous writing conferences and events since her first book was released in 1999. Nancy received a BS in Elementary Education from Weber State University. She loves to read, write, travel and research, and enjoys spending time laughing with family and friends. She is married and the mother of three children.

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  1. I like historical romance reads. Look forward to reading this one.


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