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Sunpenny Publishing ebook SALE

THE LONG WAY HOME and SOMEDAY, MAYBE are both on sale for 99¢ (US)!


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The Long Way Home
by Janet Purcell
Adult Fiction
Paperback & ebook, 237 pages
April 7th 2015 by Sunpenny Publishing

When Callie Vinerelli gives refuge in her Cape Cod home to a storm ravaged stranger, the hidden secres of her house on the dunes begin to emerge. She becomes enmeshed in the violence and tragedy of the past that left accomplished artist Christina Burroughs a paraplegic and stole her beloved daughter from her. Those still unresolved events invade Callie's life, causing chaos and intrigue, life changing relationships, justice and peace to Christina's descendants -and new love to herself.

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Guest Post time!


The Long Way Home began germinating in my mind after I visited the Andrew Wyeth exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and studied the paintings on display about which I would write a review in my weekly fine arts column in the Times of Trenton newspaper.  The image of Christina Olson dragging herself uphill in Wyeth’s painting Christina’s World haunted me.  I saw it as a figurative painting and yet as a still life.  Her life had been stilled by her unexplained disability.  As weeks went by after I reviewed the Wyeth show, I returned often to an image of that painting in books that were always open on a table in my “library” living room. I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

The Christina Burroughs in The Long Way Home is not Christina Olson.  I want to say I created a new life for her, but that’s not how it happened.  She just stayed in my memory, and as I  began Callie Vinerelli’s story, Christina was also there.  As I wrote, she became Christina Burroughs living a very different life from Christina Olson. And yet her genesis resurfaced when she fell out of her wheelchair into a bed of daisies.  I saw her not as Andrew Wyeth portrayed Christina Olson in a field of browning grasses, but surrounded by daisies, the symbol of the freshening, at the beginning of her new life with Atticus Coleman.

I was a bit sad when I came to the point that I had to write “The End” to this story.  I had come to love each character and being part of their creation.  For me, as I write, the characters develop on their own and it’s almost like getting to know them in the same way it is for the reader.  Many of the characters in this book have traveled there from my first novel, Singer Lane.  And now, many have also moved on in their lives and into my third novel, Rooster Street, which will also be published by Sunpenny Publishing this summer, 2016.

Because I am both a painter and a writer, each avenue of that creativity flows freely into the other and all my books have art and artists as their central theme.  I write a weekly fine arts column for the Times of Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey’s principal daily newspaper.  I also write about travel and interior design for regionally and nationally published magazines.  And I paint—as much and as often as I can.  My works win awards and I am represented by galleries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  They can also be seen on my website:

I would love to hear from you and I promise to respond.  My email address is

Someday, Maybe
by Jenny Piper
Adult Fiction
Paperback & ebook, 306 pages
November 6th 2013 by Sunpenny Limited

In a ramshackle old cottage with an outside lav, and a rickety ladder up to a draughty attic bedroom, Jim and Mary Norris slog in all weathers to make a living from their market garden, and to bring up their little girl, Patsy. But at times Jim’s guilt is overwhelming as he watches his beloved Mary working her frozen fingers to the bone, almost dropping with weariness – not exactly what she’s been used to in her genteel upbringing as the niece of well- off local gentry, who cut her off when she married “beneath her”. But she never complains; she loves Jim madly and they are blissfully happy together.

Until her accident – and the nightmare that follows them all through the next 30 years. Mary’s gradual descent into madness overshadows even Jim’s second marriage and children, but the shocking climax is something no-one could have foreseen.

Janet Purcell is a professional artist and writes a weekly fine arts column and feature articles for The Times of Trenton (NJ). Her interior design features appear regularly in DesignNJ magazine. Her articles have appeared in Woman’s Day Special Interest Publications, Bridal Guide, American Spa, and many other magazines and travel guides. Her travel stories have frequently been published in the New York Post, Country Discoveries, and in Princeton, New Jersey’s Packet Publications’ community newspapers. Her previous novel, Singer Lane, was published in 2008 and her third novel, Rooster Street, is awaiting publication. Though not a trilogy, many of the same characters are found continuing their lives in each of the three books. Her paintings can be seen at

Deeply thought-provoking, Jenny Piper is a wonderful author who makes no bones about her handling of delicate subjects . Her skill as a story-teller is a delight to the heart and soul, and is right up there with the best of them. She lives with her husband in rural Hampshire, and has been variously an actress, an artist, a teacher and a psycholo- gist, but has had a lifelong love of books and nowadays spends much of her time writing.

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