Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book Review ~ "Daughter of Helaman" by Misty Moncur

Daughter of Helaman (Stripling Warrior, #1)Daughter of Helaman by Misty Moncur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source:  I purchased this one.
Genre: LDS Fiction

Book Description: Fighting in Helaman's army is Keturah's deepest desire. Certainly if God can protect a boy, he can protect a girl too. But making it into the ranks turns out to be the easy part, and when Lamanite raiders come to her village, Keturah must put her skills to the test. With danger at every turn, this book will keep you caught up in the fray to the very last page.

My thoughts: I didn't realize until I went to write this review that this was the first in a series. I was disappointed that there wasn't the closure that I wanted, but I'm sure it will all be resolved in the final book, which has already been published.

I enjoyed the character of Keturah. She is a head strong young woman who knows her heart and mind. She doesn't take the easy, safe, or conventional route. She knows that she is meant to fight in a war, but now she needs to convince every one else of that fact.

This book is set in Book of Mormon times. A fight between two enemies is about to take place. It was very interesting to read a book from the perspective of a character set during that time. I hadn't imagined what it must have been like for mother's and warriors in the story of the Stripling Warriors. I came to love the story a little more by reading this book of fiction.

Misty Moncur does a great job of writing. Her story is clean and well written. She was able to pull me into the story and become invested into the characters.

The love triangle was what I wanted closure on. Does Keturah choose the friend she has always know or the soldier who is willing to help her train and follow her heart. Not an easy decision, even though I have a favorite. I really wish I knew how it ends up now instead of sometime in the future! It is Keturah's path to find her future. It will be interesting to follow her on the rest of her journey.

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  1. Dang...this sounds good...until the love triangle. I am going to have to see what you think about the rest of the series first.


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