Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Book Review ~ "Rags to Romance" by Killarney Sheffield

Rags to RomanceRags to Romance by Killarney Sheffield
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Received from the author to review
Genre: Historical Fiction Romance

Book Description:  Finny Donelly is not lady-like, in fact she isn’t a lady at all, she was born in White Chapel, the slums of 1858 London. When Devon Dowell, an adventure seeking lord stumbles upon her he figures she is sure to teach his overbearing, society climbing stepmother a lesson about meddling in his affairs. He couldn’t be more wrong. When Finny collaborates with Lord Dowell’s sister to win his love he gets more adventure than he bargains for. Can the scrawny girl in rags really be his dream lady? 

My thoughts: When I began to read this book I was reminded of "My Fair Lady." Finny is a young woman living in the slums of England. Her father is killed and asks a stranger who happens to be a noble, Devon, to look after his daughter.

She is plucked from her home and immediately married. He does this to get revenge on his step-mother who is pestering him to marry, so he won't loose his inheritance to a cousin. He promptly leaves on a voyage to the Orient.

Devon's sister is a bright spot in the story. She sees the potential in Finny and begins to train her to become a lady in language and refinement. She takes a girl of poor breeding and makes her into a lady. She learns to read and write, which opens up a different level of misunderstanding between Finny and her husband.

There are quite a few comedic moments in this historical-fiction romance. Finny is a very likable character, and Devon grew on me. This book is not one that I would classify as a clean romance. It contains mild swearing and a sex scene.

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