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"A Heart Revealed" by Josi S Kilpack

A Heart Revealed by Josi S. Kilpack
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
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Genre: Regency Romance

Book Description:  Amber Marie Sterlington, the Rage of the Season in Regency-era London, has her pick of men, and she knows what she wants most in a husband: a title and a fortune. Why would she ever marry for something as fickle as love? And why would she ever look twice at Thomas Richards, a third son of a country lord?

But when Amber's social standing is threatened, the character of her future husband becomes far more important than his position. After a public humiliation, she finds herself exiled to Yorkshire. Alone except for her maid, Amber is faced with a future she never expected in a circumstance far below what she has known all her life. Humbled and lonely, Amber begins to wonder if isolation is for the best. Who could ever love her now?

My thoughts: Sometimes it takes extreme circumstances for a person to change for the better.

Amber Sterlington is the bell of the London Season. She turns all heads when she walks into the room. Men flock to her. She knows she is beautiful and knows how to use it to her advantage.

The unthinkable happens and she is disgraced, sent into exile, and humbled.

Thomas Richards is an exceptional man. He is pulled to Amber whenever he hears the sound of her voice. He tries to stay away, even when she publicly embarrasses him. In her time of greatest trial, he is the only one who extends kindness.

This book is not a typical regency romance. Balls and the antics of the ton are found at the beginning of the book, but then it takes a huge turn. The book takes a closer look at the condition of the human heart. It looks at how a person can change and see their faults.

The book follows both Amber and Thomas. Most of the book they are not in the same room. Instead the book looks at societies emphasis on the outward appearance of a person and social expectations. It also looks at family ties. Amber learns that to be wealthy doesn't bring happiness.

I really enjoyed this book. If you read it, don't expect for the romance to be typical regency. Expect something a little more.

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About the Author: (Taken from Goodreads) I wrote my first book while on bed rest with my third child in 1998 and haven't stopped. My most recent books have been The Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery Series and "A Heart Revealed," a Regency Romance novel.
I currently live in Willard, Utah with my husband, children, and cat.

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  1. Great review! Excited to read! I have read this author before and really enjoyed her.


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