Friday, December 26, 2014

Book Review ~ "My Fairy Grandmother" by Aubrey Mace

My Fairy GrandmotherMy Fairy Grandmother by Aubrey Mace
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Purchased by Me
Genre: Middle Grade Fairy Tale

Book Description:  Descended from fairies? It sounds unbelievable, but according to Kaitlin's grandmother Viola, it's true. In spite of her initial reluctance to visit Viola, Kaitlin finds herself being drawn into Viola's stories of elegant castles, evil counts, and exciting escapades. But as Kaitlin learns more about her family, Kaitlin's mother becomes increasingly concerned about Viola's mental health. Good thing Kaitlin knows better! From the author of Spare Change, this enchanting tale shows how a good story can bring a whole family together. 

My thoughts: Katie and her mother visit her grandmother in Arizona. The trip begins weird as they discover that her grandmother loves the heat does NOT have air conditioning. Katie feels as if she is slowly baking. The redeeming factor in the trip is that her grandmother starts sharing stories about their fairy heritage.

This book is cute and would be fun for a middle grade reader. For me, it fell flat and I had a hard time keeping my head in the story. The book does not lack imagination. Katie's grandmother, Viola, is an excellent story teller. The stories come at intervals when Katie feels like she is bursting to hear the next installment.

The book has fairies and a wicked Count.  It has elements that you wold find in a classic fairy tale.  The book vacillates between around 1940 and the present. It does have content that may be frightening to some children.  Murder, kidnapping, and keeping a child in a cage are some of the scary things in the book.

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