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Blog Tour ~ "Liberty Belle" by Emily Ungar (Review + giveaway)

Liberty BelleLiberty Belle by Emily Ungar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source:  Received to Review
Genre: Middle Grade Fiction

Book Description:  On the same day she turns twelve years old, Savannah moves away from everything she’s known in sweet, sunny Georgia to preppy Washington D.C. Not only will she miss her best friends Katie and Tessa, Savannah will start a new school. She soon discovers that her schoolmates love to brag—about their clothes, their parents’ governmental connections, and even who has the in with the school authorities.

Unhappy and lonely, Savannah decides if she can’t make life better, she can at least make it sound that way. Soon she is living in the childhood home of George Washington, riding in the limo of the vice president’s daughter, and even moving into the former Luxembourg embassy.

All is well until she learns that her true friends from Georgia are coming for a visit. Now Savannah must create the life she’s been talking about in her letters—and fast! Will Savannah find herself or lose her friends?

My thoughts: Savannah is miserable. She just moved from her two best friends and is lonely. She is having a hard time fitting in at her new school, spends time alone, and is making up a fantasy life to tell her friends.

Savannah's lies begin to spiral out of control. She is making up a life so her friends do not feel sorry for her. She wishes she could move on and make new friends as easily as they seem to have replaced her.

The problem with a made up life is that fiction and reality often collide. Savannah must do damage control before her friends visit for Spring Break!

This is a very cute book. It is written with a sarcastic voice, that for some reason is my favorite voice to read. :)  Savannah doesn't set out to lie to her friends. The lies come from desperation, and she finds herself quickly caught in a web.

The things that I really loved about this book is the emphasis on family and true friends. Savannah makes a few mistakes trying to fit in at her new school. She sees different sides of personalities and discovers what makes a person a friend. She learns that friends will love you even when you mess up. The lessons on friendship are wonderful.

Family has a huge place in this book. Savannah is torn from her friends but she still has her parents and brother. She goes through a very rough spot with her family after the move, but learns the importance of her family as she grows in the story.

I didn't like some of the characters. Unfortunately, there are people like that in our lives at different times, they had their place and importance in the story. I didn't like Savannah's attitude, but again, she grows as a character and learns things the hard way.

Overall, this is a great Middle Grade/Tween book.

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About the author: Emily Ungar is a graduate of Indiana University, where she majored in journalism. After living in seven different U.S. states by the time she finished college, she now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her husband and very curious twin toddlers. When she isn’t chasing after her twin boys, Emily loves to curl up in a chaise lounge with a book in one hand and a lemon cupcake in the other. Emily loves connecting with her readers, so she welcomes you to say hi on her blog at

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