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Blog Tour ~ "Killing Ruby Rose" by Jessie Humphries + giveaway

Killing Ruby RoseKilling Ruby Rose by Jessie Humphries
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: YA Suspense

Book Description: In sunny Southern California, seventeen-year-old Ruby Rose is known for her killer looks and her killer SAT scores. But ever since her dad, an LAPD SWAT sergeant, died, she's also got a few killer secrets.

To cope, Ruby has been trying to stay focused on school (the top spot in her class is on the line) and spending time with friends (her Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks are nothing if not loyal). But after six months of therapy and pathetic parenting by her mom, the District Attorney, Ruby decides to pick up where her dad left off and starts going after the bad guys herself.

When Ruby ends up killing a murderer to save his intended victim, she discovers that she's gone from being the huntress to the hunted. There's a sick mastermind at play, and he has Ruby in his sights. Ruby must discover who's using her to implement twisted justice before she ends up swapping Valentino red for prison orange.

With a gun named Smith, a talent for martial arts, and a boyfriend with eyes to die for, Ruby is ready to face the worst. And if a girl's forced to kill, won't the guilt sit more easily in a pair of Prada peep-toe pumps?

My thoughts: Rose is a very confused and troubled young lady. She has recently lost her father in a tragic way. Her mother is non-existent in her life, her best friend is ignoring her, and she finds herself the victim of a mad man. In order to protect other's, she must kill.

On the positive side, she has a supportive boyfriend, she gets good grades, and her therapist is someone she feels she can talk to. She also has her closet room full of fabulous shoes.

I was conflicted on rating this book. There were times that it seemed to be a little slow. Ruby has issues, and she seemed to wallow in them, but honestly, who wouldn't. Life is tough for her. The book is written from Ruby's perspective. She is intelligent and very sarcastic. It was entertaining to get into her personality and mind, to find out what helped her make her decisions. It was great to know that she had a firm honor and moral code, in spite of the circumstances surrounding her.

The action at the end of the book helped me decide to give it four stars. The beginning and end of the book are the best parts. I do have a content warning for younger YA readers. This book has violence, stalking, swearing, and sexual innuendo. Ruby is placed in some situations that are frightening.

About the Author: Jessie Humphries was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She received a BA from San Diego State University, where she cultivated her love of the beach, then lived in France, where she cultivated her weakness for shoes, and finally earned a law degree from UNLV, where she cultivated her interest in justice. After practicing law for several years she began writing, and, appropriately, her debut novel Killing Ruby Rose is a thriller about vigilante justice set in sunny southern California with a shoe-obsessed protagonist. Jessie currently writes and practices law in Las Vegas, where she lives with her husband and children.
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  1. I hate it when I am conflicted with a review....I am glad you liked this one though :). It sounds like a good one :)


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