Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review ~ "Unraveled:A Tale of True Love" by Julie Daines

Unraveled: A Tale of True LoveUnraveled: A Tale of True Love by Julie Daines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Genre: YA Fairy Tale

Book Description: When sickness swept through Bronwen’s family, it took the life of her father, brother, and sister, and left her permanently crippled. On the stormy eve of her sixteenth birthday, a faerie-witch gifts her a pair of enchanted shoes. Bronwen slips them on and is healed--but only when the shoes are on her feet. Her grace and beauty catches the eye of the king’s son--Urien, a handsome young man who prides himself on having everything perfect. 

When Rhys, an old acquaintance and Captain of the Guard, recognizes Bronwen, he threatens to tell Urien her secret. Desperate to keep her deformity hidden and not to lose the love of handsome Urien, Bronwen quickly finds herself tangled in a web of lies and deceit. After all, she can't wear the shoes forever.

My thoughts: Imagine that you are crippled, and are given a gift that straightens your legs and you can walk upright. Who wouldn't jump at a chance to change their life?

Bronwen is given this opportunity when a fairy stops at her door. The fairy gives her a chance to have a normal life while she is wearing a pair of shoes. Bronwen's desires are realized. She is given an opportunity to be presented to the King as a whole young woman. She figures she will be in and out of the King's presence and then go on her way. She didn't count on finding favor with the Prince.

Her lies of omission become greater until she feels trapped with the truth. She is given an opportunity to decipher truth from fantasy.

The book has a magical feeling to the writing. It was easy to be swept up in the story. Julie Daines has done a wonderful job in presenting and implementing her story. It reminds me of the fairy tales that I grew up with and loved. This is a story that I would love to revisit and share with my daughter.

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