Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Hop ~ Spreading Love NOT Hate

Today a bunch of bloggers are getting together to spread the message that we would love to have a world free of bullying.  Unfortunately  sometimes people bully without even realizing what they are doing.  That's why it's important to educate and teach the importance of words and actions.

I am a book nerd.  Obviously, the name of my blog is Bookworm Lisa.  When I have a lesson that I want to get across to my kids, I love to go to a book.  It's a way that isn't as in your face and we are able to discuss ideas without me having to lecture.   Doesn't always work, but I like to try this first.

One of my favorite children's picture books about bullies is "Stop Picking on Me" by Pat Thomas.  In this book it explains the self esteem issues that bullies have and positive ways to overcome being the victim of bullying.

On pages 16-17 the book says "Bullies don't like themselves very much.  This makes it hard for them to like other people and treat them well.  The only way bullies can like themselves is to pick on others.  Doing this makes them feel more powerful."  Then on page 23 it says "All bullies hope that their victims won't tell on them. Keeping it to yourself lets a bully know that it's all right to go on hurting you."

If you have a child who is a victim, this is a great book.  I highly recommend.  If you have a child who is bullying, this is a good book to talk to them about with their behavior.  I know that at times my children have been bullied and have been the bullies.

Education is the key.

Here are some other blogs posting about it today.  Stop by and see what they have to say!  Remember to Spread the love and to stop the hate.

Other book ideas that are fantastic!

Last but not least, my all time favorite book about a bully.  I seriously love this book!


  1. Dear Lisa this morning I signed up for the blog hop linky on your site and unfortunately on another site I belated saw the requirement of hosting a "charity" event on my site... I've searched and searched your site for any such rule but couldn't find one. Just to play it safe I wanted to delete my link from your site also. I searched and searched to try and find the "delete" my link from your site unsuccessfully. I do not want to be in violation with the rules nor be thought of doing something in the name of "illegal" self-promoting.

    Please I beg of you to help me delete my link (Alm Hlgh) from your site. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I do have your link posted on my goodread site.
    Alm Hlgh

  2. I checked the rules of the organizers and didn't find a reference to charity for this hop.

  3. I had no idea that such a children's book existed! Thanks for the post! Will have to seek it out! :)

  4. Aw this book seems like a great way to teach kids about bullying and why children act the way they do! can take the pledge against bullying at the bottom of my post if you get the time


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