Monday, January 2, 2012

REVIEW ~Dark Eden by Patrick Carman

Dark EdenDark Eden by Patrick Carman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: ARC Received to review
Age Recommendation: YA

Description from Goodreads: Fifteen-year-old Will Besting is sent by his doctor to Fort Eden, an institution meant to help patients suffering from crippling phobias. Once there, Will and six other teenagers take turns in mysterious fear chambers and confront their worst nightmares—with the help of the group facilitator, Rainsford, an enigmatic guide. When the patients emerge from the chamber, they feel emboldened by the previous night's experiences. But each person soon discovers strange, unexplained aches and pains. . . . What is really happening to the seven teens trapped in this dark Eden?
Patrick Carman's Dark Eden is a provocative exploration of fear, betrayal, memory, and— ultimately—immortality.

My thoughts: This book takes you on a psychological journey. It looks at seven 15 year old kids who all suffer from disabling fears. All see the same psychiatrist and when she is no longer able to help them they have the "opportunity"to attend a camp to cure their fears.  The camp is named Eden.

The book follows Will. He is in the unique position to take a look at what is happening to himself and the other teens at Eden. He knows that something is not quite right and works to figure out what that is.

This story takes on many aspects that are uniquely interesting. I found the name of the camp to be ironic. Once again I am thinking biblical and the symbolism associated with the garden. You would need to read it for yourself and see if you understand what I mean.

The book starts off slowly because it is building the plot that leads to the end. I was taken by surprise with part of the storyline. This story will appeal to both boys and girls.

I think it's appropriate for kids.  You may want to make sure that they are not overly sensitive though. Part of the cure comes from intense fear.


  1. tnx 4 sharing you're thoughts

  2. Ooh this was really creepy I loved it! Glad you enjoyed it too! Nice review!

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  3. I love the sound of this one. Lovely review

  4. Great review. That book sounds scary, but good. Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad to hear you liked my book. I just posted the cover of my next book...


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