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Airel-Arson-Pyxis tour with a book giveaway

Today I am very happy to have Chris White on Bookworm Lisa. In July 2011 his co-author, Aaron Patterson stopped by for an interview.  You can go here to see the post.  Needless to say, I love the book.  I am definitely planning on reading all of the books featured in this tour.


Hi, I’m Chris White, one of the co-authors of Airel. And today I’m going to tell you just a little bit about the book Aaron and I wrote together. 

Probably the most common question we get is, “How did you guys manage to write a book together; I mean, just how does that work, exactly?” Well I’m glad you hypothetically asked.

The answer is simple, really. Aaron and I take turns. He leads off with the rough draft and then hands it to me and I have a go. I add at least 37 pieces of flair and then hand it back to him and we arm wrestle over what stays and what goes. I usually lose. In the end, we come up with a final product that is representative of both of us, and everyone’s happy except the villain in the story, which is as it should be.

Want an excerpt? I thought you did. Here you go:

Boise, Idaho. Present day.

When the door opened and I saw Michael Alexander stand up stiffly, I stood paralyzed, hoping with everything in me that what I feared was not happening, that this was all just a bad dream. He was staring at me with an unsettling mixture of awe and disbelief. 

“Your head... the…” His voice was soft, questioning and scared. “It‘s gone, I mean it just disappeared!” He reached out, muttering something incoherent, trying to touch my forehead. But I ducked and took a step backward. He lowered his eyebrows and folded his arms across his chest. “Airel—”

My mind refused to function. Despite the fact that I needed it more than ever at this very moment, it hid like a stupid kid on his first day of school, refusing to come out from under the bed. Should I pretend that I didn‘t know what was happening? Play innocent? Or should I fess up to the only person I was comfortable fessing up to about this subject? Why can’t I let myself bring Kim in on all this, but with him… I looked at the gorgeous guy standing before me. Maybe I knew deep down that he would understand it... or me. If that was possible. There was no getting around it, though—I was a turncoat. A backstabbing fiend, for sure, because I was totally trashing the feelings of my best friend for…some dude…

I reached a trembling hand to my forehead and touched the place where, seconds ago, a large goose-egg throbbed. It was smooth, cool to the touch. Healed.

I stood there with my best impression of a confused, blank look on my face. I looked up at Michael, who was standing so close to me now that I could smell his skin. “I, uh…” The brilliant words that flowed from my lips in that moment would have made the great poets of the world stop, slack-jawed, and gaze at me in wonder and amazement at the brilliance of my answer. 

Michael had a tentative hand on my forehead and touched ever so gently the spot where my fatty welt used to be. “Does it hurt?”

“No…” I responded, leaving all kinds of loose ends. What blanks would he fill in?

“Weird, it‘s gone. Like it was never there. You sure that doesn‘t hurt?” He pressed harder to test out his theory.

I pulled away, breaking free, and scowled at him. “Well…what. So it‘s gone. Maybe it wasn‘t as bad as I thought it was. Maybe I didn‘t hit it that hard anyway.” Pretty weak, lame and worst of all, chock full of maybe. It sounded like a lie to my own ears, and from the grimace on Michael’s face, I knew that he didn‘t believe a word of it either.

“Come on Airel, what‘s going on? You know more than you‘re letting on and now you‘re lying to me.” He sounded angry and a little hurt as well. 

I sighed loudly and pulled on a few strands of my hair and shoved my left hand in my back pocket. I decided right then that I was going to tell Michael everything and hold nothing back.

Okay, kids, that’s all for now. Hey, that’s why it’s called a teaser. Airel is available now for Amazon Kindle and in print, (also here) plus it’s on Nook as well. You can follow the C.P. White Media Blog for all the latest on what I’m up to, plus friend me up on FB, Twitter, and Google Plus. Thanks for being a fan! And don’t forget to check out the Airel Saga Diary Series for more on the William Marsburg storyline. Book one, The Marsburg Diary, is now available. Book two, The Wagner Diary, releases in 2012.

Giveaway Time!

There is one print copy of Airel available to a commenter on this blog.  It is open only for US addresses.
There are many giveaways going on with the tour.  You can stop by KC Neal's blog to find all of the blog stops, plus there is a giveaway happening for a kindle.  

To enter:  Leave a comment with your email address.
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This contest will end on January 31st.


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