Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am grateful for help!

My friend Rachel is an angel.  She is on bedrest for the next six weeks.  Many of her friends, including myself are trying to help her keep that baby in for a while.  We are all anxious for her to have a happy and healthy baby.  In six weeks she will be 34 weeks along and the baby can come safely.

I have been lending her a few books to help keep her occupied.  I just asked her if she would be willing to read a few of my hard copy review books and help me out.  Life happens and I am behind on my review books.  I just looked at my calendar.  I keep track of the books scheduled to read for the week and keep a running list of the books that  I didn't get to.  Transferring June books to July and the ones from previous months, I am 31 books behind schedule.  That is why I am grateful for friends!  If you have been waiting for me to review a book, I apologize for the delay.  I will get to it. It may not be as soon as I thought.

I will still do all of my blog tours that I have commited to, but I am taking several books to her house tonight.  Thanks Rachel!  Stay in bed and read and keep that baby in!  :0)

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