Tuesday, May 3, 2011

REVIEW - Sarah, They're Coming for You

Sarah, They're Coming for You   by Susan Kronick

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Description from goodreads:

Dr. Sarah Pullman has been haunted for as long as she can remember. The time has come for her to dig in and find out the reason for the paranormal activity and solve it before it consumes like it did her ancestors.

Will she make it through in time, or will she meet the same fate as the rest of her family?

My thoughts:
There is so much potential in this book. I love the premise of a woman being haunted by events in her family history.  From some of the things that I have read, I understand that Susan Kronick has had experiences with communicating with the dead and knows her stuff.  She adds quite a bit of detail to the different kinds of spirits and hauntings.

Sarah is able to see and communicate with the dead. She has been tormented by spirits since childhood that chant "Sarah, they're coming for you." As she ages the tormenting increases so that she is fighting for her soul and sanity. She finds out that she must travel to Austria to uncover secrets in her family history to stop the attacks.

See, the premise is compelling. But unfortunately the writing skills were lacking. I really tried to get past it. I wanted to see this as a fabulous book. Susan really has some great ideas. I couldn't get past all of the descriptions she uses for her character. She comes up with many ways to introduce Sarah in a sentence. I found it very confusing until I started to catch on to her writing style. My favorite was the "anal retentive journeyer". Unfortunately I only made it to page 81.

I wish Susan the best in her future endeavors and hope that she gets some better editing advice.  I think that there is some potential here.

If I get to a point where I feel that I may give it another try, I will add more to the review.

I received a copy of this book to review.  This is part of a book tour with Pump Up Your Book.  To find out more about Susan, visit her website: http://www.susankronick.webs.com/

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