Monday, May 9, 2011

REVIEW - Cinderella: Ninja Warrior

      Cinderella Ninja Warrior is about a young girl named (of course) Cinderella. It's the tale of Cinderella with a twist.  The evil stepmother is a powerful wizard who killed her latest husband for his dead wife's wand.  He wouldn't give it to her, so when she killed him, he left her with a big house, his daughter, and no wand.

      At sixteen years of age, Cinderella is a abused young girl with some magical ability's.  She also has been teaching her self how to fight and be flexible.  She is always afraid that her stepmother will eventually kill her, or never let her go from the estate.  She wants to escape, to be free and be allowed to attend the magic competition that will take place before the royal ball.  When Cinderella meets Ty, a handsome young boy she is automatically attracted to, everything begins to change.

     That is all I can really explain about the book, but that is only the beginning of the whole story.  The tale is a unique kind of story.  In the book, there are three main turning points that when you get to them, YOU get to decide what happens.  For example, lets say she has to decide about running away to the ball, or staying home so she doesn't get in trouble.  You pick which way to go, then turn to that section, and continue reading from then on.

  I'd recommended this book to third through fifth graders, or anyone who wants a fun, interesting, and light read.  I personally enjoyed this book and hope there will be more like it.  Actually I have had read Sleeping Beauty Vampire Slayer and will be reviewing that book shortly as well.  It is a very good book, and definitely rate it a four star or more.

      The copy read was received through NetGalley.

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  1. Oh I remember reading pick my own path books when I was younger! I always took the wrong path and ended sooner than later, but this sounds like so much fun! Thank you!


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