Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My aim in doing this blog

I just wanted to add a note about my thoughts on books that I recommend.  I will only recommend books that are not explicit.  There may be swearing.  There may be some violence.  (After all the "Lord of the Rings" books are some of my all time favorites.)  I am going to be working on, and adding pages where I will have books listed according to a certain genre.  These will be books that I feel comfortable reading, and that I let my kids read.  As a note, I let my 13 year old daughter read the "Twilight" books, I feel that it is better to let her read them and talk to me about them, than read them behind my back.  I know that it can be a controversial thing.  As parents we need to make decisions that we are comfortable with.   It has let to a very open relationship with my daughter that I treasure.  She brings me a book and asks to me read it first if she feels uncomfortable with the content.  Some of the books that I will post have been read, and not remembered in detail by me.  I am going to add a suggestions/feedback page.  Please feel free to let me know any thoughts that you may have on books, or ways that I can improve this blog.  Thanks!!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Stopping by to say Hi! Im one of your newest followers, found you on a blog hop.
    I also love to read, and can be found on goodreads, shelfari and paperbackswap!
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    Melissa =)


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