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Danger Unknown by Kathi Oram Peterson #BookReview #Suspense


Danger UnknownDanger Unknown by Kathi Oram Peterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Genre: Suspense

Book Description:  The small desert town seemed like the perfect place to disappear—until Brooke Steward’s worst nightmare walks into the diner where she works. The man who murdered her husband has found her—again. Desperate to protect her young daughter, Brooke has no choice but to run for their lives.
Awakened by a haunting nightmare that has plagued him for years, Michael Calder is startled by a knock at the door of his remote Montana ranch. He is even more shocked when he finds a disheveled child on his steps, who silently leads him to her injured mother. In making the split-second decision to bring Brooke and her daughter into his home, Michael is unwittingly drawn with them into the path of danger. Someone is determined to silence Brooke, no matter the cost. In their quest for the truth, Brooke and Michael come to trust each other completely, their relationship deepening into something more. But even as the lines between friendship and love blur, the explosive secrets of the past are finally revealed. Now they must fight to survive or risk becoming the latest casualties in a deadly conspiracy. 

My thoughts:  Bring on the suspense! This book has many plot twists and moments that leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next?

Brook is a young mother who has taken her daughter and is on the run. Her husband was murdered and her daughter, Izzy, was a witness. There is a target on their backs.

Michael trains horses to help others with horse therapy. I loved learning about it, I know that there is a bond between a horse and its person, but I hadn't considered how they can help a wounded soul. His patience, mainly due to his PTSD, with Izzy as he helps her to compartmentalize her trauma was fantastic. Izzy and Brook couldn't have had an accident anywhere else other than this hero's property.

There are some other characters who play an important role in this story, some for the good and others for the bad. Each of them complements the main characters as they struggle to bring justice to the murderer and the man behind him.

I struggled to get through the middle part of the story, but it was well worth finishing. The conclusion is one that I wouldn't want to miss.

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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About the Author: Kathi Oram Peterson is the Whitney Award winning author of A STRANGER WATCHES (2020) and A FAMILIAR FEAR (2018).

Kathi's heart-pounding suspense novels make readers double check door locks and sleep with a flashlight. Her YA Time Travels bring readers to historical events as if they are there. Her novels have richly-drawn characters and plots that hook readers and make setting the book down nearly impossible.

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