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Forever Phoebe
by Chalon Linton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre:  Regency Romance

Book Description:  At the dignified age of eighteen, Phoebe Jamison knows she should behave in a manner befitting her station, as her three loving elder brothers often tease. Unfortunately, the lively young woman has a personality every bit as fiery as her red hair, a fact brought to her attention in the criticism from the gentleman she has long pined for. But not every man is of the opinion that a woman should be decorous above all else. The newest resident of Somerset, Mr. Franklin Everly, is considered a most eligible bachelor, and he is immediately drawn to Phoebe’s spirited nature as he becomes acquainted with the delightful Jamison siblings of Primly Park.

Franklin embarks on a friendship with Phoebe that quickly deepens into a warm and thrilling connection. But even as he fights for Phoebe’s attentions, a very real danger is revealed: girls in neighboring villages have gone missing, and the kidnapper is moving ever closer to Primly Park. Despite the guard of her fiercely protective brothers and Franklin, Phoebe must rely on her own strength when she finds herself in the sights of the Bride Snatcher.

My thoughts: I adore Phoebe and her brothers! Their good-natured ribbing and loyalty to each other made this a fun book to read.

Phoebe is a strong-willed young woman. (A trait that was not popular at the time.) She has a sense of worth about herself and is comfortable being in her own skin. She loves her family and takes an interest in her friends' happiness. Overall, she is the kind of woman that I would want to be around.

Franklin Everly is new to the area and is immediately attracted to Phoebe. He is not afraid of a strong-willed woman and greatly admires her.

The characters were fantastic. I loved the banter, conversation, and integrity they possessed. The book is mainly a romance but there is an element of mystery/suspense. Someone is kidnapping girls from the area. There is an effort to stop him before anyone else disappears.

This book kept my interest!

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Somerset, England, May 1814
Phoebe Jamison huffed and folded her arms. Would William Mason ever see her as more than the younger sister of her brother Peter? She’d been out for nearly eleven months, and while she’d danced with William at several dinners and the annual ball in the Assembly Rooms, he’d spent the entirety of this particular dance chastising her for allowing Mr. Baldwin to hold her too closely during the previous set. She’d thought Mr. Mason’s concern meant something. If he was worried for her reputation, surely, it meant he cared.
Her dance with Mr. Mason ended, and he escorted Phoebe from the floor. “Proper young ladies do not pout, Miss Jamison.” He looked across the room, and his dark-brown eyes lit as he spied Miss Judith Benson. “You would do well to follow Miss Benson’s example. See how her smile affects those she’s conversing with? It is rather pleasing.” He led Phoebe to Peter’s side. Phoebe wanted to grab the lapels of Mr. Mason’s jacket and shake him. Why couldn’t he find her pleasing? For years she’d tried to be the perfect lady, conforming to everything she thought he wanted yet continually falling short.
Hannah Vane, Phoebe’s dear friend and confidante, walked to where Phoebe stood. “I’ve just heard the most delightful bit of gossip.” Hannah swayed her shoulders. “The new resident at Ravencrest has agreed to make an appearance this evening.” Mr. Mason scoffed. Hannah leaned close and whispered, “The supposedly handsome single gentleman from Ravencrest.” She covered her giggle with her hand.
Butterflies fluttered through Phoebe’s stomach. No matter her admiration for Mr. Mason, a new arrival was always cause for excitement. “You ladies should discuss topics of greater import,” Mr. Mason said. “Seeking out a handsome husband is of great import,” Hannah said, dismissing Mr. Mason’s comment. “The benefits far outweigh the effort exerted in making elaborately embroidered pillows.”
“Miss Vane speaks the truth,” Peter said. “Besides, I’ve never cared for embroidered pillows.” Phoebe shook her head at her brother’s teasing. Mr. Mason shifted, and a section of black hair fell across his forehead. He brushed his hair aside as his gaze once again wandered to Miss Benson, and Phoebe watched a myriad of expressions wash over his face. He looked back at her, quickly scooped up her hand, and bowed over her fingers. “It is always a pleasure dancing with you, Miss Jamison.” His eyes met hers. “I do hope you’ll remember my admonition.”
Phoebe yanked her hand free from his grasp. Conversations between her and Mr. Mason always seemed to end in the same manner. She had hoped that perhaps his perception of her as a silly girl had shifted to respect or even admiration, but Mr. Mason was nothing if not consistent. He chastised her behavior, corrected or quietly rebuked her opinions, and never offered a glimmer of hope. Phoebe oft wondered why she thought their relationship could ever change. Perhaps pining for William Mason had been part of her life for so long she knew no other option.


About the Author Chalon Linton is an air force spouse, a mother of four, and a fan of all things romance. Jane Austen has long been a favorite because who can resist handsome men in tailcoats? Manners, wit, and true love, combined with a faith in God, guide her stories to a happily ever after. She has met friends from around the globe and is grateful for each experience that adds to her own faith in the goodness of people. Chalon currently lives with her handsome husband in Southern California.

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