Friday, November 13, 2020

The Santa Box ~ A heartwarming film that highlights the spirit of Christmas. #heartwarmingchrismtmas #giveaway

 What it's About:  Kallie thinks she's cursed by Christmas. For the past 5 years, something bad has happened every Christmas season. One day she finds THE SANTA BOX on her doorstep. Inside is a note that changes how Kallie feels about Christmas forever.

My thoughts:  It's hard to enjoy Christmas when life seems to become more difficult during the holiday.  Kallie and her mother are forced to move when their apartment moves down.  They are lead  to a place where they receive a break on the rent.  The downside is that they move across the street from a busybody who strives to build herself up by tearing everyone else down.

A new neighbor who is described as a "Nazi" is the sweetest elderly gentleman who takes Kallie under his wing and helps her discover the joy in life and in the season.    There is the Santa Box.  You write your wish and set the box out on the porch at night.  She brings joy to those around her when she makes her wishes.

Kallie rediscovers Christmas and makes some friends along the way.

This is a heartwarming film that would be suitable for all family members.

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The Santa Box_Theatrical_Trailer1 from Ron Brough on Vimeo.

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