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Her Quiet Revolution: A Novel of Martha Hughes Cannon by Marianne Monson

Her Quiet Revolution: A Novel of Martha Hughes Cannon: Frontier Doctor and First Female State SenatorHer Quiet Revolution: A Novel of Martha Hughes Cannon: Frontier Doctor and First Female State Senator by Marianne Monson
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Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Description:  A novel based on the life of Martha Hughes Cannon, a pioneer woman who overcame tremendous odds.

When her baby sister and her father die on the pioneer trail to Salt Lake City, Mattie is determined to become a healer. But her chosen road isn’t an easy one as she faces roadblocks common to Victorian women. Fighting gender bias, geographic location, and mountains of self-doubt, Mattie pushed herself to become more than the world would have her be, only to have everything she’s accomplished called into question when she meets the love of her life: Angus Cannon, a prominent Mormon leader and polygamist.

From the American Frontier to European coasts, Martha’s path takes her on a life journey that is almost stranger than fiction as she learns to navigate a world run by men. But heartache isn’t far behind, and she learns that knowing who you are and being willing to stand up for what you believe in is what truly defines a person.

Her Quiet Revolution is the story of one woman’s determination to change her world, and the path she forged for others to follow.

My thoughts:  Her Quiet Revolution is a novel based on a historical figure. Marth Hughes Cannon was an extraordinary woman who forged a path leading women to education and the right to vote. She quietly went about doing the things that she felt were right, even though it was forward-thinking for her time period.

There are times when I find history to be as interesting as fiction. This was that book for me. The book begins with her family emigrating to the United States from Wales. It then focuses on her education. She became a Doctor of Medicine during the nineteenth century. The story then described her years as the wife of a polygamist who she ran against for office in the Utah State Senate. She really lived a full life in spite of the opposition that surrounded her.

This book gave me a lot to think about. It made me think of some of my ancestors who may have been faced in similar circumstances. I am even more grateful for them and the sacrifices they made so that I can have the advantages I have now. I am more convinced than ever that I would never want to live with polygamy. I am VERY grateful that the practice was abolished. Most of all I am grateful for the education I have received and that women are encouraged to broaden their minds and seek an education.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is loves reading about a fascinating person from history.

Source: I received a complimentary copy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Marianne MonsonAbout the Author:  (Copied from Goodreads)  Marianne Monson has worked with books her whole life, as an editor, a passionate reader, and an author. She is the author of nine books and counting, including historical fiction, children's books, and young adult novels. She teaches at Portland Community College, and her two children love writing almost as much as she does.
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