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The Burnheart Redemption by Chelsea Curran (tour with giveaway)

Genre:  Young Adult, Regency, Romance
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Publication date: April 10, 2018
Sixteen-year-old Adam Garrow ran away when he learned the truth about his father and his inheritance. After six long years away from his family’s estate, Adam returns to make amends with his parents and help his brother, Phillip, grow into his role as head of the estate. Before he even makes it to the door, a chance meeting with one Solana Rosenlund–his intend from before his self-imposed exile-sparks a fire in his heart that will not be quenched. But before they truly get a chance to explore their feelings for each other, Adam is devastated when ahead injury results in Solana forgetting that they had ever met.
Things only get worse when Phillip’s business venture to Morocco is commandeered by pirates. Adam and his friend Ian O’Connor leave England to rescue Phillip, and in doing so discover a sinister plot that threatens the Garrow estate and all those they left at home. Through conspiracy, sabotage, and kidnapping, can all three men survive what fate has thrown at them and find their way back to the women they love?

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Slowly, her senses began to disappear one by one. First, her sight. Then sound, and then feeling. Though the taste of smoke lingered on her tongue, all she could comprehend was the sound of cries in the distance.
Then she felt two strong arms carry her away from the nightmare she fell into. She was weightless and at peace. Then all at once, her breath returned.
Her senses followed too quickly, but what stood out the most was pain. She opened her eyes and was not surprised at all to see who rescued her.
“Thank the Lord,” Adam said, pulling her tightly against his chest.
She gasped for air again, and he helped her to lean forward, relieving some of the pressure off her lungs.
“Adam!” a voice called. His brown eyes moved from hers to the distance. Then, gently, he laid her back down, pulling himself up.
“Don’t leave me,” she said, her voice hoarse and barely a whisper.
He hesitated, returning to his knees. Although her vision was dimmed, she could still make out the relieved look in his eyes.
He pulled her up so she rested against his side. Taking a deep breath, despite the smoke, she could smell the tangy citrus of oranges on his clothes. It was comforting. It smelled like home during the springtime.
“Adam!” someone screamed again, more desperately this time.
“We’re here!” he called back.
The sky was getting darker by the minute from the black stacks of smoke in the air.
The firelight’s glow became more prominent and cast a silhouette on a figure that hurried into view.
“She’s alive,” Adam said.
The other voiced cursed. “What happened to you?” She was also waiting for an explanation, but he ignored the question.
“We need to get her out of here, Phillip” he said.
She felt him shift his arms underneath her shoulders and legs.
“Wait,” Phillip said.
“We can’t wait! Now please help me.”
“Your hand, Adam! You’re burned.”
“I’m fine,” he said, but the coughing fit that followed contradicted what he said.
“She needs to be attended to first.”
“I will take her. Get to the stream and cool your skin.”
Without answering, Adam struggled to his feet with her still in his arms. She heard him grunt as her weight was transferred into another set of arms.
“Make sure she’s safe,” he ordered.
Those were the last words Solana heard until her senses dulled into dim voices and rough movements. Eventually it grew more difficult to separate reality from her dreams. And through all the fog, she attempted to hold onto the vision of the strange man holding the torch. She tried her best to hold onto it, fighting to stay conscious so she could tell someone what she saw. But like the rest of the world, the vision had slipped away, and she finally closed her eyes in blissful sleep.

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