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The Nobleman's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale

The Nobleman's Governess Bride (The Glass Slipper Chronicles Book 1)The Nobleman's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Received complimentary copy for review.
Genre: Regency Romance

Book  Description In the novella “The Viscount Meets His Match” Sebastian Viscount Benedict knows from bitter experience that marrying a woman of lower rank and fortune brings nothing but heartache. He is determined to prevent his beloved brother from making the same mistake by wedding the local squire’s daughter. Rebecca Beaton disagrees. She is certain her former pupil, Hermione, truly loves the viscount’s brother and will make him a devoted wife. She tries to persuade formidable Lord Benedict to give the young couple his blessing. 

In spite of their many differences, Sebastian finds himself drawn to forthright, loyal Rebecca. Yet he fears his admiration for the lady could erode his good judgment and resolve. Rebecca fights her growing attraction to Sebastian, which threatens to divide her loyalties…and perhaps break her heart. If only she can help him believe in true love, there may be hope for more than one happy ending! 

In the novel The Baron’s Governess Bride, Rupert Lord Steadwell is determined to hire the dowdiest, most unmarriageable woman he can find to care for his motherless daughters. The girls were heartbroken when their last governess eloped and Rupert does not want to risk a repetition. In her drab clothes, frumpy cap and spectacles, Grace Ellerby look like the ideal person for the job. 

Rupert has no idea that clever, caring Miss Ellerby is a beauty in disguise. Alarmed by unwanted advances from men in her previous positions, Grace is desperate to hide her dangerously attractive appearance and her growing feelings for her new employer. But when Lord Steadwell appears in danger of making a loveless marriage and saddling his daughters with a dreaded stepmother, Grace must risk everything to prevent it. Will a midnight kiss at a masked ball lead to scandal and ruin or will two wary hearts find their happily ever after at last? 

My thoughts: I vacillated on the rating for this book. It is actually two stories in one. The first story is a novella, "The Viscount Meets His Match". For me that was a three star story. I didn't feel connected to the characters and they didn't seem to be well developed. I think that is is the story that will somehow connect all of the other stories together in "The Glass Slipper Chronicles."

"The Nobleman's Governess Bride" is the four star story. Because it is full length, I let it determine the rating for this review.

Grace is a governess. She attended a school for orphaned daughters of the clergy, where she met her friends that will be the main characters of the books in the chronicles. She is beautiful, but it has been a detriment for her. Men think that is who and what she is, a beautiful face. She wants to be known for the person behind the face. The loving, honorable, and caring woman she has become in spite of her obstacles.

The book has three adorable daughters. Grace's characters shines in how she relates to the girls. She persuades them through gentleness and love to accept her as their governess. She also uses the same technique to motivate reluctant students.

If you love a regency romance with a Cinderella feel to it, this would be a great book for you to read. It contains Christian themes and kissing.

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