Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Review ~ "Permanent" by Kim Carmichael

Permanent  (Indelibly Marked #1)Permanent by Kim Carmichael
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Source: Received to Review
Genre: Contemporary Romance for Adults

Book Description:

My thoughts: Lindsay moved from Ohio to California, anxious to start a new life away from the influence of her parents. Everything is new, her furnishings, her clothes, her job, and her neighbors.

Shane runs to the rescue when he hears a crash in the apartment next door. He saves Lindsay, rushing her to instant care to receive stitches. He considers it his fortune that she fell into his life.

They are opposites. He has a Mohawk and owns his own tattoo business. He lives the lifestyle of his work. He is rough around the edges, but inside he is just what Lindsay needs.

The story is a bad boy with a good girl. They don't know how they can make opposites work, but they love each other. They have a good foundation.

The story has some very humorous moments. It is paced very well and moves along quickly. There isn't a moment for the reader to be bored or lost in the plot. The characters are well developed and fun to read about.

I would only recommend this book to readers 18+. There are sex scenes.

Reviewer's Note:  I try to find books that are family friendly.  I like to read romance, but I like it to be clean.  I have contemplated whether or not to post books that do not fit into my preference.  I have decided that if I am looking for clean romance books, there are others out there like me.  Occasionally, I find books that do not fit into the parameters that I prefer, I think it is better to give a warning to anyone who may come across these books regarding content, so that they can make a decision if a book fits in their comfort zone.  This book  had more action that I like to read, but I felt it was important to help others make a decision if it is a book that they would like to pick up.

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