Friday, March 16, 2012

Review of "Tiny Snail" by Tammy Carter Bronson

Tiny Snail by Tammy Carter Bronson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Source: Library Check out
Genre: Children's picture book

Description from Goodreads: Tiny wants to live under the Maple Tree, but she cannot reach it in one night. Armed only with her friend's advice, Tiny crawls into a land with no shade. Tiny sets goals and perseveres with an attitude of gratitude! Includes four educational pages about snails."

My thoughts: This is a wonderful children's book. It follows "Tiny Snail".  She wants to live under the maple tree, but it seems to be far away. She doesn't believe that she will be able to get there.

Her animal friends help her see that she can reach her goal by making small goals.  she learns that she can ask the maple tree to come closer, but she needs to do her part by moving forward to meet it.

This has a great message for kids.  I love that Tiny learns about achieving and setting goals.  She is grateful for her friends who all do their part to help her along the way.  I came across this book recommendation when I was preparing an activity to work with teens about setting goals. Unfortunately it wasn't available when I needed it. I put my name on the waiting list and received it a few months later.  I can see why it was so popular. :)

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