Inspirational Books

This is a listing of some of my favorite books, written to inspire and instruct.  Some are works of fiction, some are not.  Most of the books listed here will have an LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) influence.

The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants & Pearl of Great Price
The Holy Bible (King James Version)

Standing For Something by Gordon B. Hinkley

The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball

No One Can Take Your Place by Sheri Dew

If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard and Other Reassuring Truths by Sheri Dew

The Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal Our Hearts and Homes by James L. Ferrell

A Heart Like His: Making Space for God's Love in Your Life by Virginia H. Pearce

Way To Be! by Gordon B. Hinkley

Be Of Good Cheer by Marvin J. Ashton

Following Christ by  Stephen E. Robinson

Believing Christ by Stephen E. Robinson
The Remarkable Soul of  a Woman by Dieter F. Uchdorf

Joseph Smith: A Biography by Richard Lloyd Dewey

History of Joseph Smith by His Mother Lucy Mack Smith compiled by R. Vernon Ingleton

Peculiar: In A Good Way by Mary Ellen Edmunds

You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need by Mary Ellen Edmunds

The Enoch Letters by Neal A. Maxwell

The Secrewtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

Being the Mom: 10 Coping Stategies I Learned by Accident Because I Had Children On Purpose by Emily Watts

Families Who Laugh....Last by Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard

I Am a Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson

Sacred Intimacy by Brenton and Margaret Yorgason

One In thine Hand by Gerald N. Lund
Gathered by Lee Ann Setzer
Eliza's Field of Faith by Rachelle Pace Castor
Mary, Martha, and Me: Seeking the One Thing That is Needful by  Camille Fronk Olson

Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner: Personal Discoveries of a Mother of Twelve by Jaroldeen Edwards

The Work and the Glory series  by Gerald N. Lund (9 books in series)

Fire of the Covenant by Gerald N. Lund

The Kingdom and the Crown trilogy by Gerald N. Lund

Sarah by Orson Scott Card

Rebekah by Orson Scott Card

Rachel and Leah by Orson Scott Card

Stone Tablets by Orson Scott Card

Bread Upon the Waters by Marion D. Hanks
            This man will always have a special place in my heart.  He is the man who performed the   marriage of my husband and myself.
Recipes for a Beautiful Life by Julie Keye and Madaline Hall

Drawing Out the Dragons by James A. Owen
Motherhood Matters by Connie Sokol
by Donald W. Parry

Upon Destiny's Song by Mike Ericksen
The Seven Day Christian by Brad Wilcox